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Welcome to my new home on the web! The look is a bit different but(it is still under construction),When it is finally finished)  this is still a good place to come for lyrics, music, tabs, links to other musicians, information on equipment and mods, how-to, and for news about John A and friends. We hope you find something you like, or need. If there is something you would like to say or add put it in an email and we will get back to you. Enjoy the links.
Your  interest and support is appreciated.!

Peace & Love ~ John 

The price of Blue Ride on the Riverside has come down(to cover the cost of the new CD project).  Thanks to everyone who bought one. If you have not you have not ordered a CD, get one at a discount price of $6.99   ... It will make you feel good (me too)!

A new CD  We have a few new tunes in the works and hope to have something to listen to by Christmas. ....Stay tuned ..Support live music, 
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