----Guitar Lessons----

I offer introductory through intermediate level guitar instruction.

Students may come on a regular schedule or on as need-basis, including  preps before an important gig or session. I will work with your individual needs focusing on live performances. A good way to learn is to emulate an artist, while studying the theory or mechanics of the tune and learn to play in that genre.

---Your personal goals become our lesson plan--- 

Develop your style and learn what equipment you need to get that sound. Whether it be a simple acoustic sound or a specific special electric or electronic sound you would like to foster in your own guitar style.  

I work not only with guitarists but also with performers seeking to develop a guitar vocal style. Please feel free to write me at johnaspromontemusic@gmail.com. 

---The Blip---

            I began gigging shortly after starting to play. Originally a self-taught “By Ear” musician, I soon realized the importance of basic training even for the POP musician. Studying Music in films at Los Angeles City College was an eye opener or a peek into the music business. Some of the professors who lectured, contributed and performed were Quincy Jones, Lalo Schifrin and Elmer Bernstein. Later the need for vocal training led me to study under Rene Corinne and Judy Hages, both “Bel-Canto” instructors.  It is easy to lose your voice if you are singing incorrectly. 

            “While playing six nights a week and doing sessions, I realized that I was over my head, so I went to a local player who I occasionally brushed elbows with while working on the same circuit. I much admired (he was also my idea of the best player around) Bob DeVos gave me a taste of formal rudimentary guitar training. At the time he said, “I can’t believe that you have gotten so far playing so badly.” In a way, I took it as a compliment but also as a motivation to build my skillset and really find my own voice or style. Learning from an experienced player can save lots of trial-and-error. 

“I teach only rudimentary or basic reading. Lessons are live face to face ”. I have played on stage in television, live band, recording situations, clubs and concert venues as a feature and back up performer. Certainly, long enough to know that each player has their individual vision.   

Students of all ages; some school students have gone on to successful careers in business, science, teaching, the arts and still play for fun as an outlet and well enough to just to stop at a jam and blow off some steam. A few have found careers in the music industry.  There is a real investment in progress and development but not at the expense of enjoyment.  

Whether amateur, professional, adult or child, learning basic jazz, acoustic, rock, blues, funk, pop or folk guitar from an engaged instructor can be both fun and meaningful.