My first Solo (well not solo but an independent recording featuring myself and friends). Blue Ride on the Riverside. Featuring Doug Oscard, Fred VanKeuren, Phil Ludwig, Rodney Brown, Vida Perez, James Knowles and Marvin Little. 
          Blue Ride runs the gamut guitar, sax, synth solos and melody lines, acoustic guitar feature tune, R&B Ballad, Twangy Merle Travis instrumentals, homey folk with a heavy kick, Lounge to the max and some Latin & fun Funk thrown in.  A collection of vocals, stories laid out over an instrumental landscape.

                                                                  CD Available, Here and on CD Baby Download or Same Day Shipping 
                                                                                                                        Pick one up and enjoy !  JA

The CD has gone out to Public Radio stations has had some airplay. 

A new CD is in the works . New recordings will be available in the near future. There are however some older ones on john Aspromonte

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