A premium Sound at a fraction of the cost: 

John's Garage is a professional audio recording facility for those with a passion to record in a creative environment. Conveniently located in Chicago’s Northwest suburbs: delivers quality tracking/recording resource in a friendly setting founded by technician and guitarist John Aspromonte: A place where musicians achieve the best recordings possible from their instruments and vocalizations at a modest cost.  We specialize in recording guitar and vocal music for musicians who want an authentic sound. Let your creativity lead the way in an environment that supports imagination, originality. If nothing else, track your next project here we will not mind if you take it to another facility for mix down or Mastering. Rates are low and quality is high.

 Call or email for an appointment.  847-691-2260 johnaspromontemusic@gmail.com

Equipment Includes:  

Interfaces: RME UFX Behringer Ultra Gain ADA 8200 records 24 simultaneous channels, Clod Cloud-lifter and Presonus Tube Channel and Eureka 

Microphone Preamps:  Toft, Focusrite ISA one, Platinum Penta,  Universal Audio Solo 110, Solo 610, Golden Age, ART Pro Channel, DBX, Ashley EV, ADK, Ashley and more.    

Drums: 5 piece set of  Mapex Acoustic Drums, Zildjian and Paiste Cymbals, accessories    

Microphones: Electro Voice RE 20 and RE 27 Models, AT kick drum Mic, ADK Area 55, Heil PR40, PR30s,, Sennheiser 609s and 421s, Neumann TLM 102, Shure KSM 27s, SM81 and   SM 57s, SM58s, 55SW, 55, Cascade Vin-Jet Ribbon, Vintage  Turner Harp Mic, MXL Ribbon and Dynamic, Apex C12, assorted AKG including AKG 421s,  AT4040, AKG 200s, Studio Projects B1, Tube  Microphones  and Preamps, pro-kick,  Vintage Oktava 319, Sterling and much more.  

 Guitar amps: Fender Peavey, Egnater, Vintage Sound 1962 Fender Bassman, Vintage Sound 22SC, Vox, IbanezTA30 Amplifiers, VTB1, Boogie V Twin, Rocktron, LR Baggs Para Acoustic, Line6, Fender Ultimate Chorus. Peavey Studio Pro. Fender BXR M-Audio Keyboard controller.   

Amps and effects are forever changing  

Guitar Effects: Boss, Ibanez, Behringer, Keeley, TC Electronics, Crate,  American Pigtronix and more.   Out of the box processors include: AB quad Gate, Rane quad gate, Altare compressor Limiter, Art Pro VLA, Pro VLAII, ART Pro Channel, EV 131 EQ, ODEs, Yamaha SPX 90, Digitec SP128, Ashley Crossovers,ART Alesis midi verb, microverbs, TPSII preamp tube processors, DBX 266 and 286.  

Full Waves package with Pro Tools, RME headphone system, Crown Amplifier, Behringer Foreplay headphone system.