Guitarist-Vocalist  John Aspromonte Performs an eclectic repertoire of Folk, Jazz, Blues, R&B and Country. John 's strength and diversity bring depth and vitality to this musical blend. I am always up for a new project experience. Don't hesitate to call or text.

That's my story and I'm Sticking to it .

Gigs, are hit and miss in Chicago...!  Check Venues to mKe sure its on.

We are getting into the freeze. On the home-front giving lessons is as always a fun experience. I have a couple of good students.  Recording new sounds and upgrading equipment in the studio is keeping me busy. I hope to have  a few new tunes in the can in the next few weeks and a few new additions to the audio chain. I am always working on the the electronics in the studio , upgrading some of the plug ins and Waiting for Mac to come out with it's  new a modified version of the M1  

 I hope by spring the focus shifts from hearing about the Pandemic to brighter things and we are  getting back into the swing of things.   I think we are all tired of this quarantine thing. 

Send a note let me know whats happening

Hope to see you soon.